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It would be hard to miss the modern crisis of substance abuse, especially with so much media and news coverage devoted to the issue. The word “epidemic” is used frequently in these contexts. In fact, modern society’s substance abuse problem could be classified as a pandemic.


We at Coleman Rehabilitation Center in Fargo, North Dakota, are dedicated to helping solve this increasingly prevalent issue so that members of society can continue to live rich and fulfilling lives.


Why Rehab?

People who have never had an addiction may falsely believe that substance abuse only comes from poor choices. However, such people fail to consider issues that usually go unmentioned in the news and media, like undiagnosed mental conditions, feelings of hopelessness and disillusionment, past physical and emotional trauma, and physiological problems, which can also contribute to addiction.


In addition, they lack understanding of the physical and psychological effects of drug addiction. As a substance is repeatedly ingested, the body begins to rely on the chemicals and hormones it elicits. At the same time, the mind develops a dependence for the feelings of euphoria the substance brings about. Without intervention, this cycle results in a dependency which few could overcome on their own. An effective addiction program involves much more than having the desire to quit or simply trying to quit cold-turkey. Here at Coleman facility in Fargo, ND, we have the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to treat this disease and prevent future relapse.


Our Addiction Recovery Program

Any one of our outstanding centers is staffed with certified professionals who understand that in order to break an addiction, a client must unlearn a dependency and address other problems that make them susceptible to relapse. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Fargo ND is a prime example of how this approach works.


While separation from a chemical or substance is needed, separation from others is unnecessary, even detrimental to recovery. In fact, it’s the last thing a client in recovery needs. Being part of a community of people with similar struggles is crucial if clients are to believe that recovery is possible.


When that community is guided by specialized counselors and skillful case managers, clients learn to identify underlying factors in their addictive behaviors. Counseling, life skills classes, and new support networks can begin fill the void previously filled with dangerous substances. In an addiction treatment facility, such as our outstanding clinic in Fargo ND, we offer clients a peek into what life could be like without the influence of drugs or alcohol.


People who make the powerful decision to enter an addiction treatment center should be aware that the journey will be difficult, but that caring professionals, encouraging peers, and supportive loved ones will be there to ease the fear. They must also realize that those who come to our facility are there of their own free will and are fully in control of how long they choose to stay in our recovery program.


Follow-up and Aftercare

Graduating from a recovery program doesn’t mean being cut off from the community. All former clients can continue to receive guidance, even after leaving our facility and returning to their lives. We also offer extended programs if the client wishes to spend more time in recovery.


Making a full recovery from an addiction is an involved process that is best accomplished with the help of others in an environment free of the stress and temptations of daily life. Contact our drug rehab facility in Fargo ND to begin your journey to sobriety today.