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How Monitored Detox is the Key to Rehab Success

Detoxifying the body is the first step of the recovery process at Coleman Behavioral Rehab Centers. By offering monitored detox at our Jackson, Minnesota treatment facility, we increase our clients’ chances at success in ridding their bodies of toxic substances. Detox is a physically demanding and mentally exhausting process, which is why we supervise every step of the process. Most of our clients complete the detox phase within a couple of weeks of entering our center.

What is Dual Diagnosis and Why is It Critical at Our Drug Rehab Facility

As a part of Coleman’s recovery program, we also address mental health conditions which may factor into our clients’ substance abuse issues. If the disorder is not diagnosed and properly treated, a client has a much higher risk of experiencing a relapse. This is because mental health disorders can be a trigger for substance abuse. People with depression may turn to mood-lifting substances, while people with personality disorders may use drugs to even out their emotions. We diagnose and treat mental health disorders to help our clients move forward on their paths to recovery.


How We Care for Clients and Keep Them Safe in Our Addiction Recovery Center

We maintain a secure and safe environment for clients at our Jackson MS addiction recovery facility. Our facility includes around the clock supervision as well as video surveillance to ensure clients’ safety. In Coleman’s addiction recovery program, we offer a full range of client services. Meals are prepared with nutritious ingredients and by using healthy cooking methods. Clients with specific dietary needs or restrictions are able to set up a customized meal plan with our personal chef. We also offer creative outlets for clients, including arts and crafts and exercise facilities.


Why We Set Up a Peer Community at Our Addiction Treatment Center

Connecting with peers is an important aspect of the rehab process at the Coleman  addiction treatment facility in Jackson MS. In the midst of addiction, many people forgo their personal relationships in lieu of the substances they use. We help our clients to forge new positive relationships, beginning with the peer community at Coleman. Clients encourage and support each other through the challenges and obstacles they may face in their recovery processes.


How We Emphasize Open and Honest Communication at Our Drug Rehab Centers

Communicating openly and honestly is an essential part of what we do at the Jackson MS substance abuse treatment facility. We are open and honest with our clients and encourage them to be open and honest with us in return. In our group therapy sessions, we have clients practice different communication skills so that they can be prepared for challenging and emotional situations when they leave our facility. Learning to communicate openly and  honestly is a key part of avoiding the stress and behaviors which caused the addiction in the first place.


Why We Implement a Unique Treatment Plan for Addiction Recovery

Every client at the Coleman addiction recovery center receives a personalized treatment plan. We do this because every story of substance abuse is different. Every individual has their own triggers, their own medical histories, and their own preferences in how they are diagnosed and treated. In our Jackson, MS addiction recovery facility, we treat the person instead of the disease. This allows us to focus on every client’s particular needs and goals.

What are the Steps of Rehabilitation at Our Addiction Treatment Center

The client care process at Coleman’s Jackson MS branch begins with monitored detox wherein the client is supervised while undergoing the process of withdrawal. Following detox, the client attends counseling sessions. We provide each client with both individual therapy and group counseling sessions. After the client has completed their intended program, he or she may leave our inpatient center and begin their life at home, or extend their stay. We also offer ongoing outpatient programs for all of our clients.