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How to Support Your Partner As They Prepare For Addiction Treatment

You’ve stood by your partner’s side through thick and thin, and you know that their decision to get treatment for their addiction is a major turning point in your relationship. While an addiction recovery program will require some serious work and sacrifice, they also promise a more stable and fulfilling relationship at its completion. As your partner gets ready to enter a rehab facility, use these strategies to help prepare them for their recovery.


Learn About the Process of Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery does not happen in a day, or even a week. Instead, it is a lifelong process which involves many different stages, each with their own level of discomfort and commitment. For most of our clients at Omaha, Nebraska, detox is the first stage of recovery, and this is followed by several weeks to months of intense therapy. Once they are ready to leave the addiction treatment center, clients then move into the aftercare phase of treatment. Understand that your partner needs to work through each one of these phases, and exercise patience with the process and with your partner. While many people are used to instant gratification, our addiction recovery facility is based upon the belief that working through each step slowly is the best way to make sobriety stick.


Suggest That They Go to Detox First

Most likely, your partner has tried to end their addiction on their own. You may have even witnessed the challenges that they faced as their body went through the physical and physiological strains of withdrawal. At Coleman’s rehab facility in Omaha NE, your partner will receive supervised care so that they are as comfortable as possible throughout the process of cleaning their system out. While detox can take several days (even weeks depending on severity of addiction), the time commitment is worth it when your partner completes this critical stage in their recovery.


Encourage Them to Be Honest During Their Therapy

At the height of their addiction, your partner may have told many lies to keep their habits a secret. Sadly, your partner may have felt the need to hide their behaviors from even their loved ones as a way to handle their guilt. In order to show your partner that their addiction does not define them, encourage them to share their story with the people they meet in their recovery program. By doing so, they can understand how substance abuse can affect and shape lives in all kinds of ways, without determining how those lives will play out. Here, at Coleman Behavioral in Omaha NE, everyone understands the cycle of addiction, and your partner will learn to lean on others for support without fear of judgment.


Consider the Possibility of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

During their time at Coleman’s treatment center, your partner may find out that they have a mental health condition they didn’t know about before, or they may discover that their preexisting condition needs a different type of treatment. Depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders are all common challenges encountered by people in addiction recovery, and dual diagnosis treatment is designed to help your partner learn how to manage their combination of symptoms.


Discuss Their Individualized Treatment Plan

As part of their stay at our substance abuse treatment facility in Omaha, NE, your partner is provided with an individualized plan that helps them get sober. If your partner is comfortable sharing the details of this plan, ask to discuss it with them. This allows you to begin the process of supporting them post-recovery. For example, your partner may need some encouragement to go to outpatient counseling or to continue attending group meetings at the addiction recovery center to help them avoid a relapse.


Partners play a valuable role in helping their loved ones end their addiction. Whether you are experienced with addiction treatment or just learning about it, your involvement in your partner’s rehabilitation at Coleman addiction treatment facility in Omaha, NE is critical for your and your partner’s success.